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Katriina Flensburg

Katriina Flensburg is a Finnish born textile artist based in Uppsala Sweden. She earned her university degree in the field of Education and Human Resource Development at Uppsala University and continued the HR studies when living in the San Fransisco Bay Area for a few years. Her plans of parallell studies in interior design were abandoned when she was introduced to another temptating subject, a common feature in interior design - the American quilt.

After intense study of methods, history and the development of the deeply rooted nationwide tradition she found an inspirational starting point to her personal expression trough groundbreaking modern artistic applications. Back in Sweden Katriina added to her knowledge base trough complementary studies in textile history, interior design and art and crafts industry at Uppsala University. She was an initial member of the Swedish quilters' guild serving as the very first president and she started the Scandinavia Art Quilt Group as a promotional cross-border cooperation between four renovned pioneering artists. 

Katriina´s work has been exhibited across Europe and in other continents. She is represented in public and private collections and her teaching and lecturing covers a wide range of subjects within the field. Her educational company Quilt Academy of Sweden (https://quiltakademin.se/) focuses on expression, teaching the multitude of methods and increasing public awardness of the history of quilting, while highlighting  contemporary developments.

In 2015 Katriina´s career was hit by a devastating loss when a flagship collection of her work - a focal part of her planned to be 30 years retrospective -  disappeared wthout a trace in connection with an invitational exhibition in continental Europe. The extended drama of the never cleared up loss contributed to the severe health problems that forced her to withdraw from all her engagements for a couple of years. Fortunately, she is back to work today, though on a somewhat scaled-back basis. (Read more about the loss at https://ntagallery.wordpress.com/katriina-flensburg-2016/)

Katriina lives in the countryside close to the city of Uppsala. When not working in her studio in the attic of the old barnhouse - or in her educational facilities the floor below - she shares her life with her husband, her interest in nature, art and litterature, her love of animals - and an “untameable” garden...