Artwork Katriina Flensburg - a selection 

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Pieced cottons on inframing raw-edge canvas - handpainting/printing, machine sewing/quilting (includes batting), handstitching

Pieced cottons on soft cotton background - monochrome handpainting/printing, machine sewing/quilting, machine stitching

Commercial prints and hand dyed cottons - machine sewing/quilting, machine stitching

Cottons, organza, tulle, wool - handprinting and dyeing, piecing, machine sewing/quilting, applique

Cottons, organza - handpainting, dyeing and printing, machine sewing/quilting, handstitching

Commercial cottons, wool, tulle, organza - hand dyeing, piecing, appliquee, machine sewing/quilting 

Commercial prints, artificial leather - piecing, machine sewing/quilting 

Tissues of upholstery (original & reproduced) - piecing, machine sewing/quilting, handstitching on canvas 

Experimental materials and 3D form

With spandex, artificial leather, wool, polyester, concrete

"Petrified Comfort" -  outdoor installation in painted concrete (a prize-winner) 

"Petrified Comfort II" - outdoor and indoor installation in painted concrete

"Laburnum/Wisteria Polaris" - organza on stands of painted aluminium, in the botanical garden by the Uppsala castle